Data Analysis, Insights and Automatic Reporting for Intelligence-Driven Decision-Making 

intelligence is designed to visualize and deliver insights on overall fleet health, KPIs and risk profile in a meaningful way without additional setup or data wrangling.

DINGO’s latest innovation, intelligence™, is a data analysis, insights and automatic reporting app designed to help reliability and maintenance teams, site and corporate managers access relevant Trakka® data, quickly.

Underlying data is refreshed hourly, delivering timely information that will help detect and solve problems with confidence. Reports are accessible in user-friendly dashboards with data export and multi-site comparison capabilities.


The Insights You Need When You Need Them

This evolution of your asset health data facilitates effective collaboration, action and reporting. User-friendly, pre-built, up-to-date reports are browser-based and available automatically – anytime, from anywhere.

Harness the Power of Your Data

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Deliver business intelligence on finance, KPIs & fleet health


Cross-examine asset health program results & improvement


See issues affecting assets down to component level


Identify overall fleet health & risk profile

As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Data Utilization

Access instant reports - anytime, anywhere

Standadized Evaluations

Save time


Save money

Actionable Insights

No specialized skills


No internal upkeep

No More Data Wrangling

Let us handle the report building. Simply launch intelligence to automatically present visualizations and investigations into your Trakka® asset health data.

The first iteration of intelligence was released with 5 standard and 3 premium reports, the total number of reports available quickly growing to 10, with more to come. New reports will be prioritized based on customer needs and early-adopter feedback.



“Before intelligence I had to trawl heaps of data to get to the info that allowed me to have the pointy conversations.”

Maintenance Superintendent at a top ten gold miner in Australia

Insights and Resources

Condition Management

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