Condition Intelligence Expert Maintenance Services

DINGO's team of Condition Intelligence experts has over 800 years of combined maintenance experience and manages the condition of over 150,000 vital components daily.  Our team can help your operation quickly and cost-effectively implement a world-class maintenance program that will drive real results of increased availability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended component life.

Troubleshooting Guide Library

Unlimited use of DINGO's proprietary Troubleshooting Guides, built over the course of 20+ years of caring for heavy equipment across geographies and industries;  continuously updated by the Condition Intelligence team

Global Benchmarking Reports

Access to exclusive benchmarking reports that are comprised of performance data on hundreds of thousands of components across the globe.  This information provides an accurate picture of your equipments' performance and helps your team plan and budget based on real-world operating data.

KPI Development

Personalized KPI development supported by customizable reporting and dashboards

Condition Intelligence Expert Reviews

Daily review of all condition monitoring information with context provided by database of 6 million observations on over 100k components

Action Planning & Tracking

System designed to proactively identify issues, provide the recommended corrective actions, and then track through resolution.  Issues stay open and are monitored until equipment returns to a normal operating state. 

Condition Management Meetings

Bi-weekly meetings with DINGO's maintenance experts to review the condition of components and plan appropriate actions

Maintenance Recommendations

Pinpointed maintenance recommendations based on extensive experience and global insights from 20+ years of improving asset health for global maintenance operations

Component Life Management

Program that unites the expertise of our Condition Intelligence team with the Condition Management module in Trakka to increase the health and life of components


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