TRAKKA Asset Health Manager App

Track and Manage The Health of Your Fleet
Anytime, Anywhere

DINGO’s Trakka Asset Health Manager™ enables asset-intensive operations to access, understand, and act on their equipment’s condition – anytime, anywhere.

The innovative Trakka® app is part of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help your team manage and maintain equipment health.

The app consists of two distinct but equally important functions: Insights and Inspect.

  • Trakka Insights enables users to see equipment health at a glance, recommended actions, and then track progress through resolution.
  • Trakka Inspect allows technicians to easily perform equipment inspections and condition reporting from the field – all from your mobile device.

The Insights You Need When You Need Them

Trakka Insights provides a real-time view into the health of your entire fleet of equipment with the touch of a button. Using the power of Trakka’s predictive analytics engine, the app highlights areas of potential risk and immediately alerts users to impending issues. It also enables users to quickly and easily drill down into the condition of individual assets and components to get the full details.

The user can then use the app to monitor, investigate, review, select, and escalate the planned maintenance activities for any equipment under their responsibility.

Trakka Insights

Monitor your sites health


Easily see the site’s overall health at a glance for the last 6 months of recorded data.

Investigate Hot spots


Review your site locations to see which require immediate attention.

Review what needs to be done


For each site location, quickly evaluate equipment condition and current reviews.



Hints are provided on each screen, allowing users to rapidly become proficient and gain the maximum benefit.

Trakka Inspect

Standadized Evaluations


Offers a consistent format and approach for capturing and analyzing field inspection data that can be critical in the evaluation of equipment condition.



Provides a mobile, paperless platform to capture data in the field and then automatically download it to a centralized condition management system. Eliminates manual data processing and photo downloading.

Broader Visibility


Your maintenance technicians and subject matter experts will be able to evaluate all observation data to help make the right decisions at the right time.



Offers more accurate insights into equipment condition to help your team quickly identify the optimal corrective actions to drive issues to resolution.

Data Utilization


The data is stored in Trakka for future reference and analysis by reliability, planning, and asset management.

As Easy as

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3…

transfors inspections to action

Transform Inspections into Action

Trakka Inspect is a mobile, end-to-end solution for field inspection data capture and analysis.

This powerful app enables technicians to capture images, along with notes and ratings, on their mobile devices while physically inspecting equipment.

The app functions online and offline, allowing users to collect data from any location. Once online, all observation data flows directly into Trakka, DINGO’s proprietary predictive maintenance software, allowing a centralized expert to review and analyze this information.

When coupled with Trakka’s ERP integration framework, issues identified in the field can easily be uploaded into Trakka and then automatically posted to your ERP system as a notification, so the corrective work can be scheduled.


Created with the future in mind, DINGO will be collaborating with its customers to develop a series of new functions to continuously meet their evolving needs, while empowering them to manage the health and maintenance of their equipment on the go.


You can use Trakka Asset Health Manager with confidence. Trakka Asset Health Manager is integrated with your existing Trakka login and security measures, ensuring that only you can see your data.

Minimum Requirements: Trakka username, iPhone/iPad with iOS 11+ or mobile / tablet device with Android 6+.


With Trakka, I have the ability to see all of the important information in one place, which allows me to make better maintenance decisions.  The system also integrates with our ERP system so that the corrective maintenance work identified flows directly into work orders. This type of end-to-end solution drives efficiency and helps us keep the focus on condition– not just tasks.”

Surface Maintenance Planner at a large gold mining operation in Nevada 

Insights and Resources

Condition Management

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