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DINGO and Trakka build custom maintenance solutions for unique problems

Sep 29, 2022 | Company News, Customer Stories, Insights, Product Info

Are you drowning in paper? Do you have a unique problem that seems insurmountable? Are you in need of a custom solution?

If you answered ‘yes’, and have tedious, paper-based forms you never want to struggle with again, we want to help you get rid of them, for good! Share the details of your problem(s) with us so that we can work together to build a custom maintenance solution!

Our customers have access to their equipment data anytime, anywhere with the Trakka Asset Health Manager (TAHM) app! TAHM is an easy-to-implement tool that has proven to be incredibly valuable. TAHM Inspect™ allows technicians to easily perform visual inspections and condition reporting on fixed plant or mobile equipment in the field.

DINGO customers log thousands of maintenance observations each month, and more than 1200 users have downloaded the app since its release. While the app has ready-to-go applications for things like mag plug inspections (pictured below), some customers have partnered with us to develop a custom solution. Our team can load new components, test points, indicators, alert levels, and trends that can be rolled out to all users.

Trakka Inspect custom solution mag plug inspection

Here are just 10 of the custom solutions we have already developed with customers:

  1. Autonomous truck daily inspections – complete asset inspection to meet safety regulations
  2. Equipment frame inspections – inspecting for cracks, quantifying the size of cracks, and capturing photos of the location of cracks
  3. Truck bed (tray) inspections – capturing the thickness of truck beds/liners to locate and determine wear
  4. Greased pin inspections – capturing the temperature and visual condition of pins and bushings
  5. Dozer blade inspections – capturing the thickness and visual condition of dozer blades
  6. Equipment track inspections – completing track inspections including roller and sprocket measurements
  7. General visual inspections – completing walkaround of equipment, capturing defects in photos and comments
  8. Conveyor thickness inspections – measuring the thickness of conveyor belts
  9. Hydraulic hose inspections – capturing the condition of in-service hydraulic hoses
  10. Slew deflection inspections – capturing slew bearing deflection measurements

Please contact us to provide a copy of the completed inspection form you would like us to help you digitize. Our team will use this information to determine the best course of action and work with you to develop a custom maintenance solution that will free you from the trappings of a manual filing system forever.

Read the pdf case study to see how this customer eliminated a 5-page paper form and dramatically streamlined their maintenance process by implementing a custom solution with the TAHM.


“Trakka allows our team to run a highly effective condition-based maintenances program that helps our mine operate at the lowest cost per hour.”

– Maintenance Manager at a leading North American coal mine

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