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Successfully Implement Predictive Maintenance

Feb 14, 2013 | Insights

Predictive MaintenanceIn a recent Reliability Centered Maintenance Survey, reliability professionals were asked, “Do any reliability methods work? “A majority, 70%, replied, “no.” At DINGO, we have found that the obstacles to success can be broken down into three categories: people and culture, technology systems, and process. Each of these categories has its challenges and solutions. It’s essential to identify and overcome these barriers so maintenance improvement initiatives succeed at your operation.

DINGO is the world leader in providing holistic condition management solutions to asset-intensive industries. We have partnered with industry leaders across the world. DINGO unites the power of TRAKKA®, a proprietary predictive analytics engine and global equipment database, with Condition Intelligence™, a team of maintenance experts, to keep assets healthy and operations running smoothly.

People Are the Heart of The Program, and Often, the Heart of The Problem

It can be challenging to change the status quo.  Often, technically proficient teams feel as if they are doing’ well enough’ and there isn’t justification for changing. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for mines to have data silos; this can lead to a focus on functional priorities and objectives that don’t consider the “big picture.”

To overcome this barrier, it is helpful to benchmark KPIs vs. similar operations to get an accurate picture of performance and understand what’s possible.  Use this information to set clear universal goals that encourage continuous improvement, cross-functional ownership, and a sense of teamwork. It’s also essential to create an environment where each employee understands how they contribute to the program’s overall success. Track performance in a system that’s readily accessible by all and acknowledge and celebrate success as you go.

Insufficient Support Leads to Silos & Setbacks

When information resides and gets reviewed in different systems by different people (or not reviewed at all), it’s easy to miss critical pieces of the puzzle, resulting in issues snowballing into more significant and more expensive problems.  Additionally, systems that provide limited seats or access promote silos and create environments where everyone is operating with incomplete information.

The solution is a centralized software system, which offers access and information across departments and provides people with the correct information at the right time to make better decisions. A good technology solution will fit seamlessly within your existing operation to help drive better results.

Measuring results is vital. To gauge the ongoing performance of a program and improve compliance, the software system should measure the results that tie directly to KPIs.

All of The Analytics in The World Can’t Fix A Flawed Process

When teams operate as separate units, they create independent processes to deliver unrelated outcomes.  Implement a process that spans departments and encourages productive cross-functional communication.

When it comes to data, use it as a means to an end. Start with your goals and work backward to determine the data and analysis required to help achieve them. Collecting volumes of data because it’s available can be overwhelming and add little to no value.

Lastly, you want to feed outcomes back to the teams that originated the work to improve decision-making and foster a state of continuous improvement.

Success Process

When you bring people, systems, and sound processes together, you create an environment where an operation can effectively implement and reap the benefits of predictive maintenance.

Implement Predictive Maintenance at Your Operation

For over 25 years, DINGO has provided predictive maintenance solutions to asset-intensive industries. We combine deep maintenance expertise with industry-leading technology to help companies implement solutions that continuously improve equipment’s health and performance.

Contact DINGO for a brief Asset Health Consultation or use our Savings Calculator to estimate the annual savings that your operation could achieve.


“Partnering with Dingo allows us to leverage remotely located condition intelligence experts from the get-go for a fraction of the normal cost to company. This allows our few reliability experts to focus on the top issues and make important decisions to ensure our fleet availability is where it needs to be instead of having them analyzing data and looking for the issues.

-Martin Pichette, Mine Operations and Maintenance Director at Lamaque Mine

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