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How Sap® And Trakka® Combine To Streamline Mining Operations

Apr 14, 2013 | Insights

Combine to Streamline Mining Operations

TRAKKADINGO Software created the Trakka® tool to help mining and other asset-heavy industries track their projects, creating a more efficient and cost-effective workflow. While Trakka® has helped mining companies save millions of dollars through analytics and real-time data, other organizations may benefit from adding additional big data tools, or they could already have a SAP® implementation working for them.SAP® is enterprise software that, like Trakka®, helps companies manage their business operations and customer relations. Their Enterprise Resource Planning tools include both software and web-based models that allow customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), and supplier relation management (SRM). These tools help administrators track customers and contacts throughout sales cycles, maintain their equipment status across complex deployments, follow supplies and other items from purchase to the field, and see exactly where, why, and when money is being spent. Together, these functions take the big data from big business and make it digestible and easy to implement.

The mining industry can put big data to serious use to streamline efficiency and increase profits. Many of the functions provided by Trakka®, like equipment management and asset tracking, overlap with functions included in SAP® ERP. Together, the two tools support mining-specific processes and provide your organization with insight that helps you increase profit.

From planning to execution to reports, Trakka and SAP® contribute to more efficient mining operations, primary distribution, data collection, processing, supply chain management and more. The software and web tools allow workers across the globe to collect data and easily see the resulting cost and profit. Some of the items covered by SAP® and Trakka® include:

Mining and Distribution

  • collect and track mining process data
  • maintain and optimize mining processes
  • plan long or short-term objectives
  • supply chain costs
  • distribution tracking

Commodity Pricing

  • provisional invoicing
  • final invoicing
  • formula pricing


  • contract pricing
  • invoice approval process

  • transport execution
  • in-transit handling
  • vehicle, loading and delivery
  • shipment cost processing
  • communication with logistics providers

Equipment Tracking

  • equipment group tracking
  • rate of change analysis
  • predictive maintenance information
As you can see, these mining software tools are robust and easy to integrate across all aspects of your company. Together, DINGO Software and SAP® can incorporate data from across your organization, helping you see exactly where your mining processes pay off and where they could use improvement.

By utilizing the Dingo Trakka system, our company will streamline and standardize its predictive maintenance processes, tools and services worldwide.

Senior Director Operations Support Hubs for a leading gold mining company

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