Power of Asset Health & Performance Dashboards

Aug 10, 2021 | Insights

In order to gauge the ongoing performance of your predictive maintenance program and improve compliance, it’s important to measure results that tie directly to your KPIs. Using asset health and performance dashboards, TRAKKA shows condition data from the operation down to the component level, so you can quickly and easily track performance.

The TRAKKA Asset Health Dashboard displays live Asset Health data that allows users to track performance while alerting your team quickly and easily to potential issues. This value-added functionality is yet another way to view the health of your assets and can be reached from any web-enabled device.

You can also measure the financial impact of each maintenance decision using the TRAKKA financial tracking system. You have access to quantifiable data on breakdown avoiding savings, including parts and downtime, along with component life extension savings. In addition, employees can log in and immediately understand their impact by viewing how equipment health has improved over time and the economic significance each save.

To help your team manage asset health remotely, they can easily access, understand, and act on equipment’s condition, anytime, anywhere with DINGO’s TRAKKA Asset Health Manager APP. Equipment operators can view equipment health, recommended course of action and then track its progress through issue resolution, all from their mobile device.

Success Story

A major gold miner partners with DINGO to implement an enterprise-level Asset Health program

DINGO and one of the world’s leading gold miners have been working together for 15+ years to develop a holistic, enterprise-level Asset Health solution for its mining operations across the globe. This practical and proven program has been built on a foundation of trust and collaboration, a mindset of continuous improvement, and the delivery of real-world results.

Benefits Realized
  • Extracting full value from condition monitoring data
  • Increased level of standardization, structure and focus
  • Predictive maintenance software enables teams to identify impending issues and proactively resolve them
  • Decision-making guided by unbiased, third-party experts using an OEM independent decision platform
  • Increase in planned maintenance and improved asset availability
  • Global performance Insights across operations, OEMs, and equipment improve decision-making
  • Ability to capitalize on centralized expertise
  • Data-driven confidence to extend equipment life
  • Greater planning and maintenance staff efficiencies
Implement Predictive Maintenance at Your Operation

For more than 30 years, DINGO has provided predictive maintenance solutions to asset-intensive industries. We combine deep maintenance expertise with industry-leading technology to help companies implement solutions that continuously improve the health and performance of equipment.

For more information, contact a DINGO expert.


“Trakka allows our team to run a highly effective condition-based maintenances program that helps our mine operate at the lowest cost per hour.”

– Maintenance Manager at a leading North American coal mine

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