Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance

Empower Your Team to Run a Best-in-Class Asset Health Program to Achieve Operational Excellence

Ensure Reliability, Safety and Profitability of Your Oil and Gas Operation

A number of the world’s leading oil & gas companies have partnered with DINGO to manage the condition of remote equipment. These customers use Trakka® to provide the information needed to maintain capital assets, resulting in increased availability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased asset life.

Trakka® software can collect a broad range of Predictive Maintenance inputs, so the user has a consolidated view of the status of all assets or a custom-designed subset of assets. This real-time view of asset health provides teams with the information and visibility they need to plan and perform the right maintenance at the right time to maximize equipment performance.

Oil & Gas ensure reliability safety

Actionable intelligence that drives results

20% increase

In components operating in normal condition

15% gain

In component life

3:1 program ROI

With typical payback of 6 months or less

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“Trakka® provides real-time visibility to the condition of our remote gas compression assets, so we can prioritize and plan maintenance in advance.  Also, the Field Inspection App has enabled our team in the field to get immediate feedback on critical issues. By implementing DINGO’s system, we have dramatically improved both the effectiveness of our maintenance efforts and the reliability of our equipment.”

– Reliability engineer for a leading oil and gas company

Predictive Maintenance Solutions
for the Oil & Gas Industry

DINGO unites 30+ years of expertise with industry-leading predictive maintenance technology to help industrial companies quickly and cost-effectively implement Asset Health programs that increased availability, extended component life and reduced operating costs.
Trakka Software
Trakka® Predictive Maintenance Software

Distill data down to actions that drive results with cloud-based predictive analytics and workflow management software.

Asset Health Manager App
Trakka® Asset Health Manager App

Enable your team to access, understand and act on their equipment condition anytime, anywhere.

Condition Intelligence
Condition Intelligence

Partner with DINGO’s condition management experts to implement and support a world-class predictive maintenance program.

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