Condition-Based Asset Management for Your Mining Operations

Keep Your Fleet Availability at Target Levels
to Achieve Operational Excellence

Mining operations require heavy, specialized equipment that is expensive to own and operate. The maintenance of these assets has a considerable impact on All-In Sustainable Costs (AISC), often representing 30% of mining companies’ total budget. DINGO is here to help you reduce the impact on your AISC by driving operational excellence with scalable and sustainable condition-based maintenance programs.

Realize Operational Efficiency

Inconsistent processes, lack of data visibility and insufficient tools or expertise often stand in the way of desired productivity and high-level performance.

With the right tools, standardized processes, actionable insights and decision support DINGO empowers your team to run a best-in-class Asset Health program that results in:

  • Reduced time and resources spent on collecting and analyzing data
  • Proven and consistent maintenance practices across your entire operation,
  • Shared learnings and benchmarking data that improve asset performance enterprise-wide,
  • Greater collaboration among teams and sites.
Mining in Action
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“Condition-based asset management is key to keeping our fleet availability at target levels while ensuring we are running at the lowest operating cost per hour. Our relationship with DINGO has brought discipline back into our component health monitoring process and has allowed us to leverage their Condition Intelligence approach to bring components back into normal operating range.”

– Maintenance Manager at a large Canadian copper mine

Realize Operational Efficiency

Reduce Downtime and Extend Equipment Life

By switching from scheduled maintenance tasks to a condition-based maintenance program, mining operations gain significant workflow improvements.
  • Reduce unnecessary work orders.
  • Proactively schedule and prioritize corrective actions.
  • Track progress to ensure follow-through.
  • Free up resources to focus on the highest priority issues.

Actionable intelligence that drives results

20% increase

In components operating in normal condition

15% gain

In component life

3:1 program ROI

With typical payback of 6 months or less

Manage Risks and Financial Impact

DINGO delivers a clear view of Asset Health in real-time so you can easily track performance and measure immediate and long-term financial impact.

Our predictive maintenance software and the industry’s largest benchmarking database provide superior industrial intelligence to help manage asset risk, reduce maintenance costs and create a safer work environment.

Making Risks and Financial Impact



DINGO helps gold miners manage asset health remotely and maximize production in the midst of COVID-19

“With Trakka, I can see all the important information in one place, which allows me to make better maintenance decisions. “

See How DINGO Can Reduce
Your Maintenance Cost by Millions

Insights and Resources

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Basic Guide to Predictive Maintenance

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