Condition-Based Maintenance
Solutions for Defence

Actionable Intelligence to Improve
Mission Readiness and Fleet Planning

Shorten the diagnostic time and prioritize repairs to support sustained readiness and ensure the safety of your troops 

With Trakka®, the award-winning, cloud-based predictive maintenance and workflow management tool, operations can quickly and easily distill data down to precise maintenance actions that will keep assets in peak operating condition.

This comprehensive system is vendor, equipment, and data-type independent, allowing operations to roll-up data from entire fleets and use the power of this information to improve equipment reliability, availability and maintainability.

By optimizing equipment health and performance, DINGO’s proven solutions drive real results of improved mission planning and sustained readiness capability, increased safety, and reduced through-life support costs.

    Mining in Action

    Actionable intelligence

    that drives results

    20% increase

    In components operating in normal condition

    15% gain

    In component life

    3:1 ROI

    With typical payback of 6 months or less

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    “Condition-based asset management is key to keeping our fleet availability at target levels, while ensuring we are running at the lowest operating cost per hour. Our relationship with DINGO has brought discipline back into our component health monitoring process, and their Condition Intelligence approach continuously helps us keep components in normal operating range, which has increased life on the back end.”

    – Maintenance manager

    Predictive Maintenance Solutions
    for the Defence Industry

    DINGO unites 30+ years of expertise with industry-leading predictive maintenance technology to help industrial companies quickly and cost-effectively implement Asset Health programs that increased availability, extended component life and reduced operating costs.
    Trakka Software
    Trakka® Predictive Maintenance Software

    Distill data down to actions that drive results with cloud-based predictive analytics and workflow management software.

    Asset Health Manager App
    Trakka® Asset Health Manager App

    Enable your team to access, understand and act on their equipment condition anytime, anywhere.

    Condition Intelligence
    Condition Intelligence

    Partner with DINGO’s condition management experts to implement and support a world-class predictive maintenance program.

    Proactively Make the Right Decisions
    at Every Level of Your Organization

    Find out how DINGO can help you bring people, processes and data together to make a real impact on your operations and your bottom line.