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4/12/2021 - A fleet of strength

Mining Magazine - Machine learning, artificial intelligence and other newer technologies designed to make functions like fleet management more efficient are more firmly planted in the modern mine now more than ever before.  Mining, though, sometimes is slower to embrace change. Are we ready for these changes? How are technology’s earliest adopters faring? MM asked Dingo for their perspective. 

3/30/2021 - Integra announces Dingo as the Naming sponsor of the 2021 Coast to Coast Ride

Local predictive maintenance software firm Dingo supports charitable ride to raise funds for lntegra Service Dogs - a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of Veterans and First Responders 

3/16/2021 - DINGO raises Dingo Defence and appoints a new MD

Mr Ron Parrello appointed Dingo Defence Managing Director

1/15/2021 - Embedding Expertise

International Mining - COVID-19 may prove to be the catalyst to move more maintenance oversight into the cloud and beyond

12/8/2020 - Dingo and Newmont Join Forces to Create a Global Maintenance Partnership

To improve the health and extend the life of major assets, saving millions each year


Australia's Mining Monthly -While artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing increasing roles in mining going forward, experts warn against black box thinking.

1/28/2020 - Dingo’s Trakka® Earns Mining Magazine Award for Best Software

Solution triumphed over stiff competition to win prestigious honour for mining technology advancement

1/15/2020 - Integrating intelligence

International Mining - Digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence have the ability to extend equipment life, improve performance and reduce downtime. Dan Gleeson looks into how widely these innovative solutions are being applied across industry.

6/12/2019 - The future of maintenance has arrived

Australia's Mining Monthly - Dingo's new Trakka predictive analytics

5/31/2019 - The latest on mining truck predictive analytics

International Mining - To get the latest on mining truck predictive analytics, Paul Moore spoke with Colin Donnelly, DINGO Director of Product Engineering

5/20/2019 - Dingo making tracks with new Trakka

Mining Magazine - Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Australian-based Dingo has unveiled its Trakka predictive analytics solution for predicting equipment failures to keep mines’ uptime at a maximum, improve component life and more.

5/17/2019 - A new way to prevent impending failures

Australia's Mining Monthly - DINGO has developed a Predictive Analytics solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify impending equipment failures.

5/15/2019 - Dingo improves Trakka predictive maintenance capabilities with AI

International Mining - Dingo's new Trakka Predictive Analytics solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict impending equipment failures with confidence.

5/1/2019 - DINGO Appoints Susan Warby as Chief Executive Officer

Enterprise software veteran to accelerate growth and expansion in the predictive maintenance market

2/12/2019 - A Data Grail

Building a truly predictive model is the holy grail for many miners. Predictive maintenance expert and Dingo director of product engineering, Colin Donnelly, tells how it can be done in an interview with Noel Dyson, editor of Australia's Mining Monthly.

2/4/2019 - ​Maintenance software: misconceptions on predictive maintenance

Paul Moore from International Mining spoke to the main mining software players about where software fits into digitisation and optimisation, and uncovered some common misperceptions about predictive maintenance along the way.

1/9/2019 - Defeating Downtime: Dingo takes the next step in predictive analytics

International Mining - Paul Moore homes in on the latest predictive analytics offerings to help keep mines running and potentially make unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

12/17/2018 - Big Data and Digitalisation: Leverage the Learning

International Mining - As the name suggests, big data is a vast and still-expanding sector that has been catching on in mining as companies look to squeeze more value out of existing assets. Dan Gleeson gets to the bottom of how those supplying these solutions are impacting the bottom line.

12/4/2018 - DINGO opens a new remote Asset Health Center in Denver

By opening advanced Asset Health Centers in key locations, Dingo is paving the way forward in delivering the highest standard of reliability, efficiency and safety to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

10/29/2018 - The mechanics of a new era in maintenance

CIM Magazine - A combination of hands-on expertise and high-tech tools offer big wins to operators working to keep on top of downtime

9/30/2018 - Fleet Management - Clean Bill of Health

Mining Magazine - Equipment health monitoring can be used at mine sites to optimise production and maintenance schedules, allowing mines to move material in the most efficient manner with the least amount of downtime. 

9/21/2018 - Krypton Partnership Takes Dingo to South Africa

Paul Higgins, Dingo CEO, shares his thoughts on how Dingo is bringing its world-class predictive maintenance solutions to the African market in partnership with local player, Krypton Mining.

2/16/2018 - Delving into thick data

Australia's Mining Monthly - Big data is being touted as a way to save mining companies billions, however, like most things, context is all important.

2/1/2018 - DINGO’s Trakka wins the 2017 Mining Magazine Software award

Mining Magazine - Trakka 4.5 wins international spotlight for helping mines maximise on sensor data 

1/15/2018 - Come Together

Australia's Mining Monthly - A COLLABORATIVELY- developed series of machine learning algorithms has been nominated for an Australia’s Mining Monthly award.

11/9/2017 - Smart Miners Harnessing Power of Thick Data

International Mining - Brisbane-based software developer Dingo says it is harnessing the power of thick data, the deep human insights from smaller data sets, to help mining companies save millions on maintenance costs.


Australia's Mining Monthly - Brisbane-based software developer Dingo reckons thick data, rather than big data, is the way for miners to save millions on maintenance costs.


World Coal – Mark Coleman, Dingo Australia, outlines why Big Data has the potential to drive big changes in Mining Efficiency

8/1/2017 - Powerful Linkages: Enabling Further Collaboration in the Mining Suppliers Industry

Mining Industry Suppliers (METS) Round Table Brisbane – July 28 2017

One of Australia’s few manufacturing and services sectors that competes globally – the Mining Equipment and Technical Services (METS) industry* – is demonstrating the great benefits of business- university collaboration. Further, barriers to cooperation are being addressed, and new and exciting collaborations are emerging.

3/15/2017 - Mining's digital talk is cheap

Mining Magazine - Miners are searching for the richest returns from data as the 'digital revolution' starts to change the view of the future

1/1/2017 - Dingo and TAFE Queensland Announce Partnership

International Mining - In this prolonged low commodity price environment, the importance of new and innovative maintenance strategies, tools and approaches is increasing, reports Paul Moore.  The DINGO and TAFE Queensland partnership is a great example of a new and innovative approach.  
-excerpted from Maintenance feature The Urge for Uptime

11/1/2016 - The Internet of Things: Moving up the data utilisation value curve

International Mining - The terms Big Data and Internet of Things do mean mine wide and complex solutions but at a smaller scale they also incorporate the smallest sensors and instruments.  Paul Moore explores how technology providers like Dingo are helping miners bring all of this information together, in International Mining's feature, the Internet of Things. 

9/16/2016 - Market Conditions Aid Dingo

Mining Journal - Mining companies and contractors are starting to unlock massive mobile-fleet maintenance savings from tiny investments in software. The founder of a successful Australian tech firm told Mining Journal: “There is a big untapped ocean of potential in that space, not just in maintenance but in other areas as well.”

6/27/2016 - Queensland’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ regional finalists announced

EY today revealed the 17 successful entrepreneurs from Queensland in the running to be named 2016 Australian EY Entrepreneur Of The Year


International Mining - Robert Pell looks at how mining companies and equipment manufacturers are avoiding equipment failures through advances in monitoring, scheduled and predictive maintenance, and lubrication.
-excerpted from Maintenance feature Small cog in a big machine


International Mining - Las metas y mediciones adecuadas pueden conducir a resultados esperados y mejorar el rendimiento operativo.

1/21/2016 - Power of Performance Dashboards

International Mining - The right goals and metrics can help drive desired behaviour and improve operational performance.  To help get everyone on the same page and focused on the right goals and activities to maximise productivity, Dingo created a web-based, universally accessible Trakka® Asset Health Dashboard.

1/15/2016 - Small steps to big results

World Coal - Steve Bradbury, Dingo, USA, explains the Compound Effect and illustrates how maximising on data to improve seemingly small decisions can lead to big results.

11/19/2015 - Dingo looks to Latin America for growth opportunities

International Mining - Brisbane firm Dingo says it is looking to Latin America for growth opportunities after a shake up in the mining and resources industry, which has seen the region take over Australia’s top spot in the sector. 

9/26/2015 - Dingo Software’s technology in the Mining industry

The Courier-Mail Going for Growth Series - A Brisbane-based company is revolutionising the mining industry by introducing innovative technology that stands to save companies millions of dollars.

9/2/2015 - Dingo on innovation

Australia's Mining Monthly - DRAWING on the success stories of ride sharing taxi service Uber, and tech giant Apple, Dingo founder and CEO Paul Higgins has underlined the importance of innovation at AIMEX.

8/26/2015 - Companies at AIMEX 2015 to help miners save on costs

World Coal - Reed Mining Events Director, Robby Clark, said: “Many proudly Australian companies, such as Brisbane-based Dingo, have developed a reputation as being leading local and global innovators, often in partnership with local and overseas firms.”

8/25/2015 - AIMEX a showcase for innovations

The Asia Miner - Australian companies are developing game changing solutions for those in the mining field by forming alliances that help to significantly reduce maintenance costs… even when it feels like there are simply no more costs to cut, according to REEDMININGEVENTS director Robby Clark.

8/1/2015 - Lights at the End of the Tunnel

International Mining - The AIMEX show this year comes on the back of a very tough period for the mining industry and its suppliers in Australasia. Paul Moore reviews the recent situation but then focuses on the positives in terms of the unique solutions offered by Australian mining technology companies

6/18/2015 - Inspector gadget nets award

Australia's Mining Monthly - A field inspection app, designed to aid predictive maintenance has earned Brisbane-based condition management solutions provider Dingo an award for mining equipment technology services (METS).

5/28/2015 - Dingo Software wins Austmine Innovation Award

Mining Innovation News - Dingo Software has been recognised for its innovative approach at the recent Austmine conference as it collected the Austmine Innovation Award for METS.

5/27/2015 - DINGO Wins Prestigious Austmine Innovation Award

Judging Panel Calls Field Inspection App™ ‘Incredibly Effective’

9/1/2014 - Come together

Canadian Institute of Mining Magazine - Condition monitoring systems collect and analyze equipment health data to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

2/1/2014 - Grant County PUD Renews License with Dingo's Trakka® Software

Grant County PUD Renews License with Dingo's Trakka® Software

7/2/2013 - EDP Renewables North America to use Dingo’s Trakka ® software tool

EDP Renewables North America to use Dingo’s Trakka ® software tool

7/1/2013 - Orionstone adopts Dingo's Asset Wellness™ Program

Orionstone adopts Dingo's Asset Wellness™ Program

6/1/2013 - Dingo Asset Wellness Network: Maximizing Machine Productivity

Dingo Asset Wellness Network: Maximizing Machine Productivity

5/2/2013 - Dingo Appoints Peter J. Bryant to Board of Directors

Dingo Appoints Peter J. Bryant to Board of Directors

5/1/2013 - Dingo Announces Release of Trakka® 3.5.0 to Include SAP® Plant Management Integration

Dingo Announces Release of Trakka® 3.5.0 to Include SAP® Plant Management Integration

4/16/2013 - Environmental Scientifics Group Ltd. signs Trakka® license renewal with Dingo

Environmental Scientifics Group Ltd. signs Trakka® license renewal with Dingo

3/2/2013 - Dingo Announces Upcoming Release of Condition Intelligence® Module to its Trakka® Software Tool

Dingo announces upcoming release of Condition Intelligence® Module to its Trakka® software tool

1/9/2013 - Grant County Public Utility District to Use Dingo’s Trakka® Software Tool

Grant County Public Utility District to use Dingo’s Trakka® software tool

1/18/2012 - Dingo Software Pty Ltd Announces Formation of Dingo Mining; New Executive Appointments

Dingo Software Pty Ltd announces formation of Dingo Mining; new executive appointments