Culture & Values

CultureValues1.pngA DINGO is a different kind of animal!  We are a pack of people who share three simple, but powerful, values:

   •  We value Teamwork - we believe that by working together we can do more and be more.

   •  We value Caring - for each other, and for all those with
whom we interact in our business.

   •  We value Results - we measure the important things, and hold each other accountable to produce them.

But, we also believe in the idea of "Get it done, and have some fun."

At DINGO, our team doesn't hesitate to take on tough challenges in tough industries, saving millions of dollars for customers by helping them maintain the world's largest machines.  

Our customers are real companies seeking to improve their business, who need help but may not know where to start.  They look to DINGO for both the answers and the "can-do" attitude for which we are known around the world.