If you enjoy helping customers directly impact their bottom line, give us a call or send us an email.  We are always happy to talk to good people about joining our growing team.  

Want to know more?  Read the Top 10 reasons to work for DINGO:

1.    It Matters.  Everyone in the world depends on products from our customers, such as steel, coal, aluminum, precious metals, energy and many others.  We help companies in heavy asset-intensive industries save money and waste in maintenance.  What we do impacts the live of real people by making their jobs more rewarding.

2.    Big Toys.  Not everyone gets to see a 400-ton truck up close and personal or climb a 300-foot wind tower.  We do, and we help keep them running. 

3.    The Neighborhood.  Brisbane is near the Sunshine and Gold Coasts of Australia, and Denver is in the Rocky Mountains.  It is a tough choice between surfboard or snowboard, but both cities are known around the world as vacation destinations for their scenery, culture and great food.  State-of-the-art video conferencing and online tools keeps our global team connected.

4.    Blue Water.  DINGO is going where the competition is not.  We use the Blue Ocean Strategy to literally chart our own course in the industry and develop completely new approaches to addressing the challenges our customers face. 

5.    It's All About Family.   At DINGO family days, bring your whole family to an island or a dude ranch for a day and really get to know what your co-workers are like (just ask the kids!)

6.    Share the Good Stuff.  DINGO's profit sharing plan means when the company does well, everyone does well!

7.    No Annual Performance Reviews.  We scrapped these years ago and replaced them with monthly one-on-ones and 90-day goals.  Everyone is happier and more productive!

8.    Play to Strengths.  We work hard to find each person's unique strengths so that our people can use more of those strengths more of the time.  It is a great feeling to be in your "zone".

9.    Top Team.  We offer top salaries, top benefits, top tools and top careeres.  You will be working with some of the best and brightest on solving real-world problems.

10.    A Group of Givers.  You will be working with people who, outside of work, are involved in all sorts of community activities.  DINGO people coach teams, chair charities, volunteer at schools, cook, play music and raise children.  We embrace this richness with open arms, recognizing that top people don't hide their skills outside of work.