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Dingo signs contract with Army

Mar 8, 2023 | Company News, Customer Stories

Brigadier Colin Bassett, Director General Platforms – Army and Ron Parrello, Managing Director – Dingo Defence, formalize the signing of the Contract.

The Australian Army prescribes to the benefits of condition-based maintenance (CBM) and seeks to improve the operational availability and reduce the life cycle costs of its fleets. CBM is an approach to maintenance that Army recognizes as commercial best practice and adopted by the mining industry some 20 years ago.

Army has recognized the expertise that Dingo has in condition-based maintenance, its experience in implementing CBM into mine sites and with the use of its predictive maintenance software, Trakka®, and has recently engaged Dingo to undertake a Condition Based Maintenance Pilot Program (CBMPP).

The CBMPP objectives are to gain:

  • an understanding of the cultural and organizational impacts on Defence in implementing Army’s CBM policy, and
  • a detailed understanding of the benefits of adopting CBM into Army’s vehicle fleets.

The CBMPP is being conducted in two phases over the period November 2022 to March 2024.

  • Phase 1 is the Preparation Phase, and involves the collection and analysis of maintenance data, including on-board data and oil sample results using Trakka. Dingo’s Condition Intelligence experts add the human element to the analysis to further interpret the data to identify the specific reasons for potential component failure.
  • Phase 2 is the Implementation Phase and involves the adoption of CBM best practices for a selection of vehicles. This will allow an evaluation of the benefits of CBM practices, impacts on fleet availability and reliability and workforce efficiencies.

The Dingo team is assisted by Complete Asset Management Solutions, who is providing expertise in MILIS, data analysis and fleet knowledge.


By utilizing the Dingo Trakka system, our company will streamline and standardize its predictive maintenance processes, tools and services worldwide.

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