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Trakka® 3.5 Now Includes SAP® Plant Management Integration

May 1, 2013 | Company News, Insights

DINGO Announces Release of Trakka® 3.5.0 to Include SAP® Plant Management Integration

TrakkaDINGO recently announced the newest release of Trakka 3.5.0, a powerful web-based software system used by some of the world’s largest asset intensive companies to help drive substantial savings to the bottom line. Trakka provides powerful analytical tools to identify abnormal component conditions identified by Predictive and Preventive maintenance inspections and data, and creates the necessary maintenance tasks to rectify the problem.

With this upgrade, Trakka 3.5.0 has integrated SAP Plant Asset Management with the powerful Condition Based Maintenance Workflow functionality of Trakka to the existing Enterprise Asset Management capabilities of SAP.  Trakka’s Condition Based Maintenance Workflow is widely used to ensure maintenance tasks are not only completed, but also that the work performed was effective and has returned the equipment to a normal operating state.

The integration of SAP PM with Trakka provides several benefits to an organization.  With the integration, there is only one asset/component hierarchy to maintain, and all maintenance tasks are managed in one system.  Consequently, the effectiveness of maintenance tasks can be evaluated much easier and equipment returned to normal operation more quickly.

First released in 2005, Trakka provides an Asset Wellness™ overview for all assets and components through visual dashboards and reporting.  Tailored, site specific alarm settings can be implemented for the entire enterprise, enabling spotting of trends and lubrication issues fleet-wide. Trakka also stores the user’s unique set of procedures that guide the detailed, corrective actions after they have been identified.

Trakka is currently used by eight of the largest mining companies in the world, with additional applications that have proven successful in renewable energy industries, rail, fixed plant and pipeline industries.

Colin Donnelly, DINGO’s Director of Engineering, said of this recent software release, “Release 3.5.0 allows Trakka users to more effectively manage maintenance tasks. Together, Trakka and SAP PM provide an integrated approach to managing a proactive condition-based maintenance program to optimize Asset Wellness™.”


By utilizing the Dingo Trakka system, our company will streamline and standardize its predictive maintenance processes, tools and services worldwide.

Senior Director Operations Support Hubs for a leading gold mining company

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