No. 1 – February 2018
Welcome to the first edition of DINGO in Focus — Dingo’s e-newsletter dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest in predictive maintenance, Dingo news and product updates, and useful tips to help you get even better results. 
Trakka 4.5 wins international spotlight for helping mines maximise on sensor data 

We’re thrilled to announce our Trakka® 4.5 software has won the Software category in the global 2017 Mining Magazine Awards.

Launched late last year, Trakka® 4.5 helps mine operators make smarter decisions about repairing, maintaining and replacing their existing assets, resulting in significant cost and productivity savings. 

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Turn Visual Inspections into Work Orders in Seconds
Did you know that visual inspections of magnetic plugs, filters,equipment issues and more can be turned into Notifications and Work Orders in ERP systems in a few seconds?

Dingo’s Field Inspection App is an end-to-end solution for field inspection data capture and analysis.  When coupled with the Trakka's ERP integration framework, issues identified in the field can easily be uploaded into Trakka and then automatically posted to your ERP system as a Notification, so the corrective work can be scheduled.  Watch this 2-minute video to learn how your operation can maximize on its inspection data.

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Delving into Thick Data

Dingo CEO, Paul Higgins, was recently interviewed by Australia’s Mining Monthly on how ‘thick data’ — which adds human understanding and real-world operational experience —  can help companies achieve better maintenance outcomes and results.

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