30 Years of DINGO

30 Years in 30 Stories

In celebration of 30 Years of DINGO, we have shared with you some really exciting stories, ranging from our beginnings and who we are, along the journey we have taken with our customers, helping them avoid failure, improve reliability, boost production and decrease costs. While an anniversary celebration is not inherently customer-centric, our staff work hard at guiding our customers along their predictive maintenance journey. Many of our global team are behind the scenes, but ultimately it is a team effort – we want to find better way, together with our customers and partners. 

Thank you for reading and following along as we shared our history and our vision for a bright and collaborative future. As you read more about us, may you find evidence of our culture and values as we strive to be a trusted guide to you. Though we hope to form and foster new partnerships, our focus and vision remains continued customer success!

30 Years of DINGO - celebrating a milestone

4 Key insights we've learned in 30 years

DINGO - our purpose

Who is DINGO and what is our purpose?

DINGO Integra

Mission DINGO Defence

Condition Intelligence - at your service

How maintenance strategies will improve your performance

DINGO - our purpose

How predictive maintenance will help you in the field

DINGO Predictive Maintenance Playbook

The Predictive Maintenance Playbook

“Have the ability to see all the important information in one place.”

Optimizing maintenance practices with DINGO

DINGO - our purpose

TRAKKA Maximizes data at the lowest possible cost

DINGO Predictive Maintenance Playbook

DINGO’s integration with ERP and CMMS systems

Have your whole team on the same page with TRAKKA

Achieve optimum fleet availability with DINGO’s support

TRAKKA Dashboard

Insights and the TRAKKA Asset Health Dashboard

DINGO Predictive Maintenance Playbook

Visual Inspections with TRAKKA: data capture the easy way

How to view your data and take action easily

Fleet health insights at your fingertips

TRAKKA Dashboard

Net return far outweighs cost

Asset Health Manager App

Benchmark results pre and post Trakka implementation

"Availability and reliabilities are up!"

Use Thick Data to compare your performance

DINGO fleet

"Fleet availability remains at or above target."

Trakka Big Data

5 Ways to extract insights from big data

Trakka and CMMS integration

DINGO cost benchmark

Setting industry benchmarks and raising the bar

TRAKKA Dashboard

“Achieved production budget at a lower cost”

Trakka Big Data

Our strategic industry partnerships

What does long-term commitment look like?

Challenges are opportunities for mutual growth - DINGO

Challenges are opportunities for mutual growth

The Future of DINGO

The future of DINGO: what lies ahead?

Trakka Big Data

THANK YOU from our staff around the world

We have a gift for you. Just like Trakka collates all your data in one place, we have created a booklet for you to download and keep as a souvenir.