30 Years of DINGO

30 Years in 30 Stories

In celebration of 30 Years of DINGO, we are sharing with you some really exciting stories, ranging from our beginnings and who we are, along the journey we have taken with our customers, helping them avoid failure, improve reliability, boost production and decrease costs. We are keen for you to read about our vision for the future – new partnerships and continued customer success!

30 Years of DINGO - celebrating a milestone

4 Key insights we've learned in 30 years

DINGO - our purpose

Who is DINGO and what is our purpose?

DINGO Integra

Mission DINGO Defence

Condition Intelligence - at your service

How maintenance strategies can increase your performance

DINGO - our purpose

How predictive maintenance can help you in the field

DINGO Predictive Maintenance Playbook

The Predictive Maintenance Playbook

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