Predict and Prevent Impending
Equipment Failures with Confidence

Award-winning Enterprise Predictive Maintenance Software solutions for the Mining industry,

that help reduce major component failures, improve the reliability of assets and safely boost production while decreasing maintenance costs.

Control Your Assets. Control Your Profits.

The profitability of your operation is significantly impacted by the availability and health of essential physical assets.

DINGO, the global leader in Predictive Maintenance, unites people and award-winning technology to provide actionable intelligence to asset-intensive industries.

  • Optimize planning
  • Minimize downtime and repair costs
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Maximize asset health
  • Deliver superior financial results
Trakka software

Trakka Software

Asset Health Management App

Condition Intelligence


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Operations use DINGO’s predictive analytics software


Serving clients on 6 continents

$13.5 Billion

Of equipment under management

$1 Billion

Saved in maintenance and replacement costs

We Keep Your Assets Healthy and Operations Running Smoothly


Equipment failure does not happen on a schedule. Without an effective asset maintenance program that lets you predict and stop costly breakdowns before they occur, you risk facing:

  • Unmet production goals,
  • Unplanned downtime,
  • Avoidable safety incidents,
  • Unnecessary maintenance and capital expenditures,
  • Lower profitability.

Predict Today. Perform Tomorrow.

Optimize your maintenance department today and build a successful strategy for tomorrow by implementing DINGO’s industry-leading Asset Health program.

Trakka® – our award-winning predictive analytics and workflow management tool, collects, analyzes and distills equipment data to the exact actions that drive results.

Stop looking for issues and start solving them with Trakka®.

Sustainable Fleet Maintenance Solution Built for Every Level of Your Organization

Financial Impact

Corporate Management

  • View the state of your fleet’s health in real-time.
  • Optimize return on your assets while measuring the improved financial results.
  • Drive maintenance costs down to reduce AISC, improving site and enterprise profitability.
  • Upskill your workforce and scale disciplined maintenance processes.
  • Increase your teams’ capacity and build collaboration among teams and sites.
General Management

General Management

  • Maximize the availability of key assets to achieve site production goals.
  • Integrate with your existing systems and access all data in one place.
  • Make decisions faster while empowering accountability.
  • Establish proven processes that can be scaled to various asset groups at your site and other operations.
Financial Impact

Maintenance & Reliability

  • Quickly achieve Condition-Based Maintenance and reduce unnecessary work orders.
  • Leverage DINGO’s Data Science team to accurately predict time until component failure.
  • Seamlessly integrate into maintenance workflows with recommendations flowing directly into your ERP and CMMS.
  • Automatically track KPIs to demonstrate the value of your team’s predictive maintenance program.
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Quickly bring components back into normal operating range

Condition-based asset management is key to keeping our fleet availability at target levels while ensuring we are running at the lowest operating cost per hour.

Maintenance Manager at a large Canadian copper mine


Accelerate the adoption of consistent maintenance strategies

By utilizing the Dingo Trakka® system , our company will streamline and standardize its predictive maintenance processes, tools and services worldwide.

Senior Director Operations Support Hubs for a leading gold mining company

 Join the leading companies in the Mining Industry, 

in optimizing asset performance and achieving operational excellence.



Keep your fleet availability at target levels while improving operational efficiency.

DINGO’s Enterprise-Level Asset Health
Solution Saved One Major Gold Miner
Over $83 Million over 15+ years.