TRAKKA® is DINGO'S Award Winning Predictive Maintenance Software for Asset Intensive Industries

With a strong track record of winning industry awards for innovation and proven to deliver results, Trakka is a powerful, cloud-based Predictive Maintenance software system designed to house all of your Asset Health data under one roof.  This comprehensive solution will provide your operation with the right tools, insights, and decision-support to run a best-in-class Asset Health program.  It can be directly integrated with your existing systems or operate in parallel.  Either way, this industry-leading system will drive predictability, productivity, and performance at your operation.

“Trakka allows our team to run a highly effective condition-based maintenance program that helps our mine operate at the lowest cost per hour. -Maintenance Manager at a leading North American coal mine

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Data Connector Library

A comprehensive list of data connections that are preconfigured to seamlessly connect and interface with condition monitoring data providers, ERP systems, and mobile field inspection devices.

Decision Support

A powerful feature of Trakka is its proprietary rules-based decision-making engine built on a wealth of industry expertise & global equipment insights. Rules and alerts can be created and customized down to the component level to proactively identify issues and provide the optimal corrective actions.

Workflow Management

The workflow management process is designed to improve production, increase asset availability, and optimize resource utilization. These results are achieved using an open-issue tracking system that manages issues from identification through resolution.  Integration with ERP systems can automate the work order generation directly from Trakka.  

Group Trending

The capability to track and trend multivariate data to help analyze condition monitoring data, determine the impact of maintenance work, and improve outcomes. Group trending allows the user to see where a value fits within the context of the overall fleet performance, providing broader insights into both the severity and practicality of potential solutions.

Customizable reporting and dashboards

A series of customizable asset health management reports are available from within the software, ranging from site planning reports to time in abnormal condition metrics. The Trakka Asset Health Dashboard provides a view into live condition data that allows users to quickly and easily track performance, while alerting team members to potential issues. This functionality is available from any web enabled device.

Financial Tracking

A performance tracking system built to measure the immediate and longer-term financial impact of each maintenance decision. The financial benefits captured range from breakdown avoidance, including parts and downtime savings, to the extension of the budgeted life of components.

Unlimited users at the site level

We're in the business of breaking down silos – not creating them – so there are no seat licenses with DINGO.  To ensure that your operation derives the maximum benefit from our suite of products, we provide visibility and access to anyone who needs it at the site level.  For an enterprise level solution, your company will get unlimited access across offices, geographies, and operational sites to understand and optimize performance. 

Secure, web-based software and updates

DINGO is continuously innovating and improving the Trakka platform to provide enhanced functionality and a better user experience.  To ensure that customers have seamless access to the latest technology, releases are automatically updated and/or available over the web for instant download.

ERP Integration

Trakka serves as a powerful complement to your ERP system—it can be directly integrated with your existing system or operate in parallel.  Either way, it’s designed to deliver asset predictability, productivity, and performance.

Field Inspection App

Austmine Award Winning Trakka Field Inspection App, a mobile, end-to-end solution for field inspection data capture and analysis.  Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of this groundbreaking app.


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