Dingo Software - Condition Based Component Change Module - Trakka

Condition Based Component Change / Component Life Extension Mode

The Condition Based Component Change module requires subscription to both the Condition Intelligence® Expert Analysis module and the Breakdown Avoidance Module as these modules form the basis for a successful implementation of a Condition Based Component Change program.


Key features of this program include:Equipment condition component management software

  • Component Life Management Tool
  • Component Life Process Mapping
  • Evaluation of Component Condition
  • Change Components Based on Condition
  • Extend Component Life
  • Monthly Component-Life Meetings
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Measures


One of the most important aspects to the Condition Based Component Change program is the role the Condition Intelligence® Expert Analysts play. 

  • Proactively evaluate components approaching scheduled replacement and perform detailed analysis of their condition and the financial impact of continuing to run the components past average life.
  • Monthly evaluation of component condition, based on available data, including:
    • Assessment of each component scheduled for replacement;
    • Recommendation for additional inspections or tests before determining to extend the component's life;
    • Recommendation on whether to keep running the component or change it;
    • Basic financial risk/reward calculation, based on continuing to run the component.