Since 1991, DINGO has provided Trakka, our proprietary condition management software, to customers in asset-intensive industries.  The technology and programs developed in collaboration with our global mining clients have provided the foundation for our offering in the rail industry.

Currently, more than 11,000 diesel locomotive lubricated components are being monitored daily in Trakka.  By using the powerful analytics in our Trakka software, our rail customers have realized increased fleet availability, reduced labor and maintenance costs, and increased engine life.

"Mechanical reliability, especially in respect to engine performance, is a key part of a train operator’s requirements. The success of a condition monitoring program supported by the effective use and interpretation of information, which is possible through the use of DINGO's Trakka software, is a key element in avoiding in-service engine failures. Trakka also provides us with valuable information on-long term component management."

Dale Green, Business Manager ESG


Locomotive Case Study
A demonstraion of the benefits of Trakka when used in rail applications. This video walks through the identification of coolant and fuel dilution issues in engines and a bearing failure in a gearbox
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