Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Mining Operations

DINGO is rapidly becoming the standard for the Predictive Maintenance of mining equipment around the world.  Dingo has built the world’s largest fleet health benchmarking database in its award-winning Trakka Predictive Maintenance Software and is using the power of this information to improve equipment performance in mines around the globe.
Dingo has assembled a talented team of mining maintenance professionals with one goal: to improve the health and life of mining machinery through the effective use of condition based asset management. 
Dingo’s team of maintenance experts is supported by Trakka, the industry-leading, cloud-based predictive analytical and workflow management tool that distills data down to precise maintenance actions that will keep assets in peak operating condition.  This powerful system is also vendor, equipment, and data-type independent, allowing mining operations to roll-up entire fleets or subsets of fleets. 
Dingo’s proven solution drives real results of increased availability, extended component life, and reduced operating costs.

"Condition-based asset management is key to keeping our fleet availability at target levels, while ensuring we are running at the lowest operating cost per hour. Our relationship with DINGO has brought discipline back into our component health monitoring process, and their Condition Intelligence approach continuously helps us keep components in normal operating range, which has increased life on the back end."

Maintenance Manager at a large Canadian copper mine


$150K Dozer Engine Saved
Dingo’s Trakka software was used to identify soot entry in a Cat D11R Dozer engine & helped quickly correct the issue. The saved engine would have cost $150k to replace.
Excavator Case Study
Trakka Condition Based Component Change (CBCC) procedures are applied to a swing drive on a mining excavator at its budgeted life. The component remains healthy for another 4,000 hours of operation...
Condition Management
Learn more about how Dingo's condition based asset management approach can keep your assets healthy and operations running smoothly.
Field Inspection App Demo
A demonstration of Dingo's Award Winning Field Inspection App, showcasing the ease-of-use and key benefits of this mobile, end-to-end solution for field inspection data capture and analysis.
DINGO Savings Calculator
Estimate the annual savings that your operation could achieve with Dingo’s Asset Health Solutions with this easy-to-use calculator.  The cost reduction is based on real world savings tha...
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DINGO The Global Leader in Predictive Maintenance
The world’s leading miners use DINGO to increase availability, extend equipment life, & reduce maintenance costs.  Watch this 2-minute video to find out how.
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Trakka Assset Health Management App™ Brochure
DINGO's newest app enables your operation to access, understand, and act on equipment condition – anytime, anywhere.
Learn how to manage Truck Tray Wear with the Trakka Field Inspection App. 
Introducing TRAKKA Predictive Analytics
Dingo’s NEW Trakka Predictive Analytics solution utilizes artificial intelligence to identify anomalies and predict and address impending equipment failures with confidence.
Award-Winning Trakka Predictive Analytics Solution
Miners can now use Trakka's proprietary AI and machine learning models to predict and prevent impending equipment failures with confidence.
Remote Asset Health Management
A remote condition management system can be highly advantageous for miners -
especially in the current environment.